Saturday, August 31, 2013

Gobble Up Over 100 Turkeys!

Turkey Crafts:
  1. Turkey shaped from foil by The Lulu Bird
  2. Where is Mr. Turkey? (edible turkey craft, sponge painted turkey and decorative feather turkey)
  3. Tin can turkey craft from Kaboose
  4. clay pinch pot turkey
  5. Gratitude turkey for Thanksgiving
  6. Thanksgiving Turkey Luminarias
  7. Printable turkey masks
  8. Turkey pine cone 
  9. Thanksgiving: "Giving Thanks" printable paper bag turkey craft
  10. Turkey hand print
  11. Recycled cardboard turkey
  12. Coffee Filter Turkey Craft
  13. Paper plate turkeys from Miss Renee's class
  14. Free printable turkey toys
  15. Printable Thanksgiving Turkey Activity
  16. Paper Plate Cornucopia
  17. An Autumn turkey craft
  18. Thanksgiving felt finger puppets
  19. Printable Turkey Trivia: music teacher's aid
  20. Turkey hat craft
  21. Gobble Gobble Gurkeys!
  22. A ceramic turkey keepsake plate
  23. A knit glove turkey
  24. Craft a turkey with fall leaves
  25. Fancy Filter Turkeys for the table
  26. Turkey Table Topper
  27. Polymer rainbow turkeys
  28. Turkey puppet (chenille stem legs, paper plate feathers, brown bag body)
  29. A seashell turkey
  30. A paper mache turkey
  31. A printable turkey
  32. Felt turkey hat
  33. Salt dough turkey pendant 
  34. Polymer Clay Turkey
  35. Turkey finger puppet made with chenille stems
Native American Crafts:
  1. American Indian Papoose
  2. Paper Lunch Bag Maracas
  3. Native American vest from a large paper bag
  4. Native American Paper Satchels
  5. Craft a Newspaper Wigwam
  6. Making a Miniature Totem Pole 
  7. Model Wigwam Lesson Plan
  8. First Nations Headresses
Native American Crafts:
  1. Native American crafts for kidsfrom lovetoknowcrafts
  2. Teepee Centerpiece from Spoonful and visit Nomadics Tipi Makers
  3. Craft a birch bark canoe from construction paper
  4. Native American (Indian) headband for kids
  5. A Native American vest made from a brown paper bag
  6. A super simple dream catcher from a paper plate
  7. Native American shield art lesson
  8. Student samples of Native American "parfleche"
  9. Native American Talking Stick
  10. Begin with a Buffalo
  11. Wild Wild West
  12. 4th Grade Totem Pole Project
  13. Paper Totem Poles
  14. a feather necklace from "a little birdy told me"
  15. Visit the Wampanoag Homesite
Pilgrim Crafts:
  1. Pilgrim hands craft
  2. A three dimensional Mayflower craft
  3. Coffee Can Pilgrim Hat for Thanksgiving
  4. Recycled Pilgrim Ship Craft
  5. 7 Mayflower Crafts for Preschoolers
  6. Pilgrim Silhouettes from The Lady Wolf
  7. Pirate or Pilgrim ship collage
  8. Pilgrim hat collage made with black beans
  9. Thanksgiving crafts for the kid's table ( pilgrim hat, pie, Mayflower, turkey leg, turkey)
  10. Pilgrim Hats
  11. Visit the Plimoth Plantation to see how Pilgrims and Natives lived
Corn Crafts:
  1. Corn Collage with Real Popcorn
  2. Button Indian Corn Craft
  3. Paper weaving Indian corn
  4. Tissue paper corn craft
  5. Finger print corn cob craft
  6. Cotton Ball Corn Cob
  7. Indian corn craft using dyed pumpkin seeds
Turkey Sweets:
  1.  Chocolate Frosted Turkey Day Cupcakes 
  2. A brown paper bag stuffed like a turkey with popcorn
  3. Corn Muffin Turkeys
  4. 11 turkey-shaped Jell-O Mold competition entries, how fun!
  5. A lovely two layer turkey cake, scroll down!
  6. Edible Indian Corn 
  7. Turkey shaped deserts for Thanksgiving
  8. Thanksgiving breakfast: banana gobble turkey pancakes
  9. The Baskin-Robbins' Thanksgiving Ice Cream Turkey Cake
  10. Candy kiss turkey cupcake 
  11. Pilgrim hats, Indian corn, Native Tepees
  12. Nutter butter cookie turkey cupcakes
  13. A free-standing turkey shaped cake 
  14. Thanksgiving Candy Cake & Turkey Cupcakes
  15. Protesting Thanksgiving Turkey Cupcake
  16. Turkey cake with cookie crumble stuffing
  17. Turkey shaped loaf of bread
  18. Oreo turkeys and cookie pilgrim hats
  19. Chocolate candy corn turkey cookies 
  20. Candy covered turkey cookie sweets from Betty Crocker Recipes
  21. Oreo Turkey Pops with Gummy Candy Too!
  22. Kid-friendly Thanksgiving Recipes
  23. Thanksgiving Turkey Cookie Cupcake
  24. Reeses Brownie Bite Turkeys
  25. Gobble these Thanksgiving turkey pops 
  26. Courtney Allen's decorated turkey treat
  27. Turkey sugar cookies with sophisticated looking tails 
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