Sunday, November 10, 2013

Color This Barnyard Scene by Kate Greenway

      This coloring page is from the one from one of the earliest coloring books published in the United States. The author was George Weatherly and the illustrator Kate Greenaway, "The little folks nature paint book" was published in 1880.
      In the 1800s coloring books included poems and stories as well as coloring pages. Students were expected to use watercolors to fill in the illustrations instead of crayons.
      You can paint this coloring page with watercolors if you print it out on water color paper. This is a sturdier paper with a slight texture that "grips" the watery paints so that these will not run or pool all over the paper's surface.

"A video about one of the first famous Children's Literature authors, Kate Greenaway. The video reveals how colored children's books were made, using wood blocks that had the pictures and text etched out in them."

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