Friday, February 21, 2014

Over 100 Spring Kite Ideas for Classroom Teachers

Kite Crafting/Craft for Students:
  1. DIY - insect shaped home made kites 
  2. brown paper bag kites
  3. Students design their own Sumi e Kites
  4. Two free butterfly kite patterns from Kathy Grimm
  5. Kite banner craft with drinking straws
  6. A colorful kite with a tissue paper tail
  7. Kid's kite craft tutorial
  8. finger kites from The Mother Lode
  9. quick colorful kites from
  10. DIY Sankranti kite craft
  11. Japanese Carp Kite Craft
  12. Olive The Owl Kite Crafts
  13. Make miniature bird kites
  14. How to run a kite workshop
  15. Kite workshop products
  16. Kite plans
  17. Kite building
  18. Kite Workshops
  19. 20 Kids - 20 Kites - 20 Minutes
  20. Bird and tiger kite kits
  21. Learn to make a kite
  22. Kite kits
  23. Plans and kits
  24. Book for teachers with kite plans (in PDF)
    Spanish Version (in PDF)
  25. Kite Workshop DVDs
  26. Kite-making retreats:
    Fort Worden Kitemakers Retreat
    Oregon Kitemakers Retreat
    Junction Kitemakers Retreat
    Maryland MAKR
  27. AKA kite plans
  28. Making kites from recycled materials
Kite Designs and Kites In Flight On Video:
  1. Sophie's World: Paper Bag Kites
  2. Amazing Kites at the International Kite Festival
  3. How to make a paper kite
  4. Japanese Kite Festival at Seal Beach
  5. Rhee Ki-tai's Kite Craft
  6. Kite Festival in Cervia, Italy
  7. How to make a paper kite that flies in five minutes
  8. How To Make a Paper Kite - from eHowArtsAndCrafts
  9. How to Make a Kite in 5 Minutes
  10. How to make a Tetrahedral Kite
  11. Box Kite Construction
  12. Sunderland kite festival 2010
  13. Sled kite construction
  14. Dragon kite construction
  15. Ancient China - Kite Making
  16. How to make a Tibetan fighter kite
  17. The coolest kite ever! Kool Kite
  18. Kite Aerial Photography
  19. Kite Festivals on DVD
  20. Activity TV kite videos
  21. Kite Workshops on DVD
  22. KiteLife Video Archives
  23. KiteCraft and kite tournaments public domain resource
High as A Kite, Kite Flying Bulletin Boards:
  1. "Soar With A Good Book This Summer" library bulletin board
  2. 3D Kites bulletin board from Gloria Weaver
  3. Soaring To 1rst Grade
  4. Escaping kites bulletin board
  5. Hand print flowers and kites bulletin board
  6. Flying High With God's Word
Kite Themed Displays, Activities Etc:
  1. Food Group Kites
  2. Flying High With Poetry
  3. Narrative Writing Diamond Freebie
  4. Spring Shapes Kite Glyph for Math and Literacy Fun
  5. My Kite Booklet
  6. Kite Fact Families
  7. Tail Acrostic Poems
  8. Kites Go To School
  9. AKA Rule Books, Manuals, Safety Guidelines, Pamphlets
  10. Kite safety
  11. Knots for kites
  12. National Kite Month (Every April)
  13. Kite stores - where to buy a kite
  14. Curious George kite - a PDF File from PBS
  15. Miniature Kites
  16. Kites Geography
  17. Name That Kite!
  18. Fun Kite Games
Kite History:
  1. Kite History
  2. World Kite Museum and Hall of Fame
  3. Kite Museum in India
  4. Kite history and photo gallery
  5. Kite history
  6. Kite history timeline
  7. WOKIPI Discovery
Kite Organizations:
  1. Drachen Foundation
  2. The American Kitefliers Association
  3. STACK Central (Europe Sport Kites)
  4. STACK (UK Sport Kites)
  5. AJSKA - All Japan Sport Kite Association (english)
  6. List of Kite Clubs (maintained by Troy Gunn)
  7. Sky Sports Kite Club India
More Kite Themed Lesson Plans:
  1. Butterfly Kite Lesson Plan (pdf)
  2. Kites in the Classroom book for teachers (in PDF)
    Spanish Version (in PDF)
  3. Education World - Kite Lesson
  4. Kites as an educational tool
  5. The names of the parts of a kite
  6. Kites Thematic Unit, Grades 4-6
  7. Kite Lessons, Grades K-8
  8. How to fly a kite
  9. Classroom lessons
Magazines and Newsletters for Kite Enthusiasts:
  1. Kiting magazine (with back issues)
  2. Kitelife magazine (with back issues)
  3. Kite Lines magazine (back issues)
  4. Drachen Journal
  5. Drachen Discourse Magazine
  6. Stunt Kite Quarterly
  7. For periodic newsletters AKA
The Science and Math of Kites:
  1. Why does a kite fly?
  2. The principles of aeronautics
  3. Wind in the atmosphere
  4. The forces on a kite
  5. Forces of Flight (in PDF)
  6. Lift is debated
  7. Newton's First Law applied to kites
  8. Kite Math
  9. Interactive kite modeler
How to Properly Fly a Kite:
  1. Book with the details of buying, setting up, flying (in PDF)
  2. How to fly a kite
  3. Professor Kites Flying Tips
  4. Kite Flying 101
  5. Learn to Fly Kites
  6. Kite launch and flight
  7. Dual-line basics
  8. Dual-line skills
  9. Dual-line kite tricks
  10. Quad-line kite tricks

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