Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Insects or Bugs Index

Samples of insect artifacts in my collection below.
       Is an insect useful or beautiful? No one could answer questions like these simply by saying "yes" or "no," because the class to which the name insects is applied includes thousands of different species and uncounted millions of individuals, of many degrees of usefulness, beauty and harmfulness. There is no other class in the animal kingdom, on land or in the sea which claims so many members as the class Insecta, as scientists designate it.
Insect Artifacts for Enhancing Lesson Plans:
  1. The Caterpillar
  2. Don't Belittle Little Things
  3. Draw a Shaded White Spider Web
  4. Mrs. Bee Explains
  5. "Bee Mine" Valentines
  6. Craft a Ruote Pasta Web
  7. Draw a Design from A Spider's Web
  8. "Love Bug" Valentines
  9. The Grasshopper and The Ant 
  10. Craft your very own butterfly kite!
  11. Craft a Half-Eaten Home!
  12. String a Wormy Apple Craft
  13. Caterpillar Finger Plays 
  14. The Butterfly
Insect Artifacts from Easter Egg Crafts:
  1. Craft a Simple Butterfly Mask
  2. Craft a Very Hungry Caterpillar
  3. Repeating Line Butterfly Design
  4. The Living Butterfly
  5. Create a Butterfly Yarn Picture 
  6. "Handy" little butterflies
  7. Drawing Butterflies Through Five Progressive Steps 
  8. Craft Doily Butterflies
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