Friday, January 5, 2018

Egg Rolling

       "One of the annual sights in the city of Washington is Easter egg rolling on the White House grounds, on Easter Monday, in which several thousand children usually take part. The game is played in pairs, each player having one egg. These are rolled down hill, the unbroken egg taking its rival, if the latter is cracked.
       This custom probably came from Germany, where, at Easter-time, egg rolling is practiced on tracks made of sticks, laid side by side. In Germany the sport begins Easter-eve at midnight, and lasts about three hours. Apples and little round cakes are rolled as well as eggs.
       In Bohemia, children roll eggs in a row, starting them all at once, and watching to see which will reach the bottom of the hill first.
       In the north of England, eggs are used in playing hand ball on Easter-day." by Sandham, 1916

Egg Roll in D.C. 2012

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