Saturday, March 2, 2013

Authors And Artists Starring In Latest Silhouette Movies

Scene from Gilbert-Bray movie, "Inbad the Sailor."
 Left to right: J. Bryant, Francis Ramsey,
May Wilson Preston, Connie Neell.
      New York, Feb. 16. 1916 --There's something new under the sun, or rather behind the spotlight--the silhouette movie.
      It has darkened the lives not only of some movie actors, but of Irvin Cobb, Owen and Mrs. Johnson, James Montgomery and Mrs. Gibson, Edgar Selwyn, Margaret Mayo Selwyn, May Wilson Preston and her husband James, and among others, Inbad the Sailor hero of the first silouette movie.
      The inventors, C. Allen Gilbert, illustrator, and J. H. Bray, cartoonist, induced these notables to go into the movies when they were lured to the Gilbert Bray studio.
      There the authors and artists and their wives or husbands, moving in profile across the stage, were thrown into bold relief against a white background, and their movements recorded by a motion picture camera.
      Author Cobb acted a brief skit, entitled "Preparedness," with the aid of a toy gun, an American flag and his vast proportions. 
      Illustrator Flagg acted Flagg the Harlequin, since his costume was for something besides exposing his flagstaff figure. 
      One lady illustrator, wearing one of last summer's silhouette gowns, upon learning she would illustrate herself if she appeared between the spotlights and the curtain, sat down in a corner and not even the moving picture of "Inbad the Sailor" could move her.

Contemporary silhouette clip from Dani Swan.

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