Thursday, March 21, 2013

The Little House From Cut-Out Town

      Cut out on black lines around the edges; fold on all dotted lines and paste X to XX. You will then have the house where Jan lived.

The Little House From Cut-Out Town was designed by E. Patten Beard.

Cut-Out Town is made of paper:
Paper houses, paper trees,
Paper flowers grown in boxes
In the windows--where you please

Cut-Out Town is very pleasant;
Paper dolls the whole long day
Play together in the houses
Paper games and paper play

Hurry! Hurry with the scissors!
Bring the gluepot or the paste
And we'll make the house of paper-
Tommy, here, is quite in haste!

Cut along the black lines folding 
Where the dotted lines all run,
Stick the side flaps--Ah! you have it!
There, the Cut-Out House is done!

By E. Patten Beard

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