Thursday, March 21, 2013

The Little Store of Cut-Out Town

Directions. Cut out on the heavy black line, fold on all the dotted lines and paste X to XX.

This little store was designed by Patten Beard. Click on it to download the largest version possible.

Cut-Out Company are grocers,
And they own this little store,
Where they sell at cut down-prices
Cut-Out groceries galore-

Paper breakfast foods and sugar,
Paper crackers, paper jam,
Paper vegetables and spices
And all brands of paper ham.

Paper Lolly Pops in cases
On the paper counters stand,
And the little paper children
Keep them always in demand.

When they go on mother's errands--
And they have two cents to spend--
With their precious paper pennies
To the store their way they wend.

Here are scissors, here the picture,
Cut it out and let us see
When you fold it and you paste it
What the Cut-Out store will be!

poem and pattern by Patten Beard

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