Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Biblical Wayang

"The Wayang Wahyu or biblical wayang is a unique and exceptional art form that became popular int the '60s as a means to preach the gospel through puppets. Bible stories are depicted through shadow theater, accompanied by the music of the traditional gamelan. Wayang Wahyu uses Javanese language, music and other supporting platforms to complete an artistic religious expression. It is an evolved form of the Wayang but uses the pattern of the traditional version.

It is a phenomenon, as it combines the old and new and cross-over of cultures and religions. It uses Hindu-Islamic influenced art to propogate Catholicism in a predominantly Islam and Hindu population. It is presented through light entertainment, the puppet theater, and yet is imbued with meaning, and steeped in philosophical, religious, moral and cultural nuances. It makes for an enriching and meaningful artistic experience, a glimpse into the colorful culture of Indonesia."

Exhibit Schedule:
October 10-29, 2011
GSIS Museo ng Sining
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