Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Craft Little Houses from Milk Cartons

I'm setting up the craft supply table. I collected the cartons from the children during their snack time and washed these thoroughly in hot soapy water a week in advance. Then I stapled them shut so that students wouldn't be preoccupied with dismantling them themselves. I have some little boys who are easily distracted during art projects and so I've learned what not to give them in order to avoid their tendencies.
Above is my teacher's sample of this popular craft project.
      As some of you know, I teach art, whenever I can, to a large group of sixty-five students, grades k-5th during an after school program. It is difficult to choose projects that appeal to children ranging from five years to eleven. Usually I resort to including multiple projects during this time so that all of the students will enjoy their indoor activity time. This project, however, was very popular with all of the children.
      First, I made a template for a paper template using an original dismantled milk carton. Then I printed out enough of these for my students to cut out and trace around onto construction paper. The students then decorated these templates before gluing them onto their clean, dry milk carton. I also showed them how to draw a landscape for their house on a separate sheet of construction paper. We discussed what the terms architecture and landscape mean during the course of our project.

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