Wednesday, April 24, 2013

"St. Patrick's Day In The Morning"

St. Patrick's day in the morning,
An' I donned a sprig av green,
An' away for the day, wid laughter gay,
Wid me own dear, swate colleen;
Wid Nellie, me blue-eyed darlint;
Wid Nellie, me own colleen!
An' it's gree, I ween, on our brists Is seen
St. Patrick's day in the morning.

Ah! St. Patrick's day at midday--
It is thin the bands are seen,
An' the way they play all the bilased day
At the "Wearing ay the Green!"
Yis, chunes like "God Save Ireland"
An' "The Wearing av the Green,"
An the rhyme an' chime av that chune subline,
"St. Patrick's Day in the Morning!"

St. Patrick's day in the avening,
Whin the sun has gone to rist,
Thin I'll tell me Nell what she knows so well-
Who it is I love the bist.
An' sure it's this I'm thinkin',
Whin I say, "Jist name the day,"
She will say, so gay: "Arrah, now, the day?
St. Patrick's day in the morning!"

by Arthur J. Burdick

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