Thursday, May 16, 2013

Pattern for Stamp box in Pyrography

This little shamrock pattern appeared in "The St. Paul Globe, Sunday, April 17, 1904.

A newspaper clipping of an early pattern for pyrography in 1904.
"Can you suggest a pretty birthday gift, one that I can make myself, for a friend whose anniversary occurs in the month of March?" writes a girl reader.

      In answer she will find the picture of a charming little pyrographed case for postage stamps or other uses--and the pattern, exact size, to be followed in making it.
      A box of the proper size can be secured anywhere where pyrographic supplies, etc., are on sale.
      Transfer the pattern given to the lid of the box, and scorch it in with delicate lines.
      The first step is to tint your box all over, using water colors.
      Commence by washing the wood with a very thin wash of burnt sienna.
      On this, before it is perfectly dry, let fall drops of very liquid pale green.
      Now, put it aside to dry, leaving it to chance to work out a good effect by the mingling of these two colors. 
      When perfectly dry put in the foliage which decorates the corners with a warm green.
      A rich pink is used for the little roses in the corners and for the petals of the eglantine, which forms the center of the the design. It is now complete, save for a light coat of varnish.

The original shamrock and roses pattern, 1904, for pyrography projects for those of you who would like to reproduce it.

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