Saturday, August 31, 2013

Create A Manuscript to Cursive Chart

      During my student teaching program, I developed several art lessons integrating cursive writing. Many of my second grade elementary students did not know how to read or write cursive because it was no longer being taught in that particular district. It was necessary for me to create a chart that students could refer to as they created picture designs with cursive letters. This chart was very large and could be easily seen from any table in my classroom. 
      The students loved learning the old form of writing and the second grade teachers were very pleased with the inclusion of the lesson in our art classroom as well. Unlike some homeroom teachers, art teachers in Missouri are free to integrate penmanship projects into their lesson plans without constraint. 
      I am of the opinion that no English speaking country should neglect teaching students to read their own language, if they can possibly help it. It is entirely irresponsible on the part of any state to exclude cursive reading and writing, even though it is not used nearly so much in our time.  For if we neglect to pass down obvious knowledge, our children will become easy to control and be easily manipulated by those who may not have their best interests at heart.
      You cannot imagine the grief that I felt, when I discovered that so many of the high school students that I taught during my student teaching program could not read any kind of text. Then after being placed into a wealthier district for elementary training, I discovered that well over half of those young students could not read or writer a cursive letter. How easy it will be to control the minds of these American students. The parents, politicians and teachers have endangered the futures of these children in my opinion. (My heart is very sad over this.)

      Illiteracy: The Downfall of American Society It is a chronic crisis of huge proportions, one that keeps millions of Americans living in the shadows.

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