Thursday, August 15, 2013

Developing A Seating Chart for A Rug

A giant oval carpet at the center of a spacious preschool depicts a pond full of lily pads, letters, numbers and one frog.
This seating chart is made from simple pocket
envelopes. Frogs are labeled with corrisponding
letters and numbers found on the rug above.
      The first day of preschool and children are given assigned seating on the rug! No, the seating is not permanent; it changes every day. As the young students arrive, their homeroom teacher, Jenn, gives them a choice between a letter or a number. She then proceeds to hand them a frog pop-cycle stick with the same number or letter to match their selection. Then each student puts their frog inside a  pocket labeled with their name. Not only does this little routine help young students to focus on a place to sit whenever they are called to the rug, it also begins to teach them letter and number identification. This year our classroom is full of three, four and five year olds. Some of them have yet to learn all of their alphabet or to how to count to ten. But they are well on their way with the staff at our small private school!

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