Tuesday, August 27, 2013

"Oats and Wild Apples," by Frank Asch

"Oats and Wild Apples," by Frank Asch
      "Oats and Wild Apples," by Frank Asch is a charming little book about the afternoon adventures of a young calf and fawn. These two wander deep into the woods to eat wild apples and then calf introduces fawn to his barn and oats. Fawn and mother deer, calf and mother cow are finally reunited at the end of the day with great relief and affection.
      Frank Asch (born August 6, 1946 in Somerville, New Jersey) is an American children's writer, best known for his Moonbear picture books. In 1968, Asch published his first picture book, George's Store. The following year he graduated from Cooper Union with a BFA. Since then he has taught at a public school in India, as well as at a Montessori school in the United States, conducted numerous creative workshops for children. He has written over 60 books, including Turtle Tale, Mooncake, I Can Blink and Happy Birthday Moon. In 1989 he wrote Here Comes the Cat! in collaboration with Vladimir Vagin. The book was awarded the Russian National Book Award and was considered the first Russian-American collaboration on a children's book.

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