Friday, August 16, 2013

Pinchers Not Grippers!

      Did you know that the way your preschooler holds his or her crayons will affect their handwriting development in the future? Some students experience difficulty in manipulating a pencil when they begin to write in kindergarten. They "grip" their pencils as though they are holding a baseball bat. Ouch, that can cause writer's cramp for certain!
      Parents can help their children by training them early without even seeming to pay attention to the problem. That's right! It is an easy fix, but you must be willing to fight the schoolroom taboo. You must break their crayons. Yes, I understand that this is considered transgression across all kiddom but one must make sacrifices for the good of many or maybe just a few, for a limited time only. When little people are forced to hold tiny crayons, they will pinch not grip. This is an automatic result and also an easy way to break bad little habits.

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