Monday, September 30, 2013

Draw a Design from A Spider's Web

Start your web design by randomly selecting a point, 
on a sheet of black construction paper, somewhere in 
the center of your paper.  Then draw, with the help of
 a ruler, lines from that central point out to the edges
 of the paper. Your design should look something like 
a giant sliced pie.
Then take either a bottle of white school glue or black puff 
paint bottle, and squeeze out a thin line of liquid tracing the 
drawing thus far. Then, very carefully, squeeze out the 
intersecting spiral lines of the spider's web pattern leaving 
large spaces approximately 1/2 inch to 1 or 2 inches apart.
Next, you will need to fill in these spaces of your web design 
with chalk pastels. After completing the design, Teachers may 
spray fix the pastels with either a special fixative purchased 
for the preservation of chalk pastel drawings or with 
a inexpensive hair spray.
A close up view of my spider's web design. This art project 
is an exercise in calculation, glue application, and a 
introduction to chalk pastels. I recommend it for 2nd 
through 4th grade students.

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