Tuesday, September 17, 2013

"Fall Into Learning" Bulletin Board

      At the learning center, I was given the task of decorating our bulletin board. It is covered with a tan burlap and is also quite large. I didn't want to purchase more expensive butcher paper to cover this giant display; our school is too small to invest in big quantities of paper. So, I decided to cover the board with papers that would compliment the board in it's original state. As you can see, I layered browns, greens and reds to imply a tree and then stapled photos and art projects of our young students to it's surface. I switch out the photos and art almost every week, but the "tree" will remain intact for at least one more month, maybe even longer.
      If you should decide to use the same idea, stack at least four large pieces of construction paper together and staple these between the leaf tracings. Then cut out your leaves in bulk. Otherwise, you will drive yourself crazy trying to cut so many of them. Also take these leaves up and down carefully so that you may use them to decorate your room and hallways for more than just one year. Teachers always have need of simple decorations. 
      Students can also help cut leaves similar to these as well. Use this activity to encourage them to feel as though their classroom is a lovely, cheerful space where they can participate in it's care. Many times I have heard teachers complain about not having time or talent to decorate their rooms. However, an afternoon spent with their pupils crafting a few simple leaves and apples will go far in brightening up their classroom space and teachers will find it a much simpler/enjoyable endeavor if they do it as a group activity.

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