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Links to More Than 100 Apple Crafts!

A worm, crafted from a paper chain, wiggles his way down the face of a vividly colored paper apple. With the
combination of several ordinary tools plus materials found at any grocery or drug store, your child can craft
fun and easy apple projects for fall displays and school assignments.
      Above is one of many paper apple crafts posted at Thrifty Scissors. Here I have combined several craft methods used by early learning teachers to develop the small motor skills of their young students. You will need the following supplies to make the apple craft shown above.
  • a large white paper plate
  • green, red, black and pink markers
  • a pale or lime green paper
  • goggle eyes
  • pinking shears 
  • regular scissors also
  • brown and green construction paper
  • white glue
Directions for the paper chain worm:
  1. Students may cut strips of paper using the pinking shears. This will give their worms a ruffled look. The number of strips will determine the length of their worms. Of course, the more links they add to the worm, the more practice students get at manipulating paper. I made the above worm from small half inch wide strips and looped these together into a very tight chain fold because I liked the look. If your classroom glue is not very tacky, teachers may wish to ofter students transparent tape to hold the loops together.
  2. Students must loop and paste each link into the previous link in order to craft a continuous linked chain. 
  3. When they have completed their worms to the desired length, instruct them to cut out a small round head for each worm and glue on the goggle eyes. 
  4. Draw smiles on the worm faces and then paste the paper heads to the last link on each chain. 
Directions for crafting the paper apple: 
  1. I suggest cutting apple shapes from a large white paper plates for this particular paper project. I could have used a red paper plates but this would have eliminated the coloring practice that my students needed. Some of you who are working with very young children may opt for this strategy. 
  2. Suggest the coloring of the white paper plate either red, green or yellow. Depending upon the personal preferences of each student.
  3. Then give each student brown and green scraps of construction paper to cut leaves and a stem for their paper apples. Attach these with school glue.
  4. Attach the paper chain worm with glue as well.
      Cutting, pasting, folding, coloring, and even twisting paper are the most popular and inexpensive practices included in this helpful listing for educators. Apple crafts and activities in during the Autumn months are quite common in classrooms all across the United States. 

Crafting paper apples:
  1. Back to school apple trees
  2. Apple Print Wreath
  3. Apple Tree Sewing Cards
  4. Apple life cycle paper plate project
  5. Woven paper apples
  6. An apple newsprint banner
  7. A paper apple book (bottom of page)
  8. Candy apple craft with scripture
  9. Phonics apple craft
  10. Fall Apples and Johnny Appleseed (Math, Craft, and Literacy Fun by Robin Sellers)
  11. Coffee Filter Apples
  12. Paint an apple tree on a paper plate
  13. Little Apple Yarn Favors
  14. An apple tree and dollhouse landscape printable craft
  15. Apple tree craft with buttons, tissue paper and a paper towel roll
  16. Cardboard apple trees
  17. Paper bag apple tree
  18. Handprint, footprint apple tree
  19. Easy construction paper apple tree craft
  20. Craft an Apple Lacing Card from A Paper Plate
  21. Baby shower with apple theme, cute craft ideas!
  22. String a wormy apple craft
Crafting ceramic, clay and plastic apples:
  1. A bushel of apples to play with
  2. Plastic Bottle Apples
  3. Recycle clear, plastic lids into apples
  4. A clay and wire apple tree
  5. Salt dough apple wreath
  6. Attempting to throw an apple shaped pot on a wheel
Sewing/Knitting apple crafts:
  1. Apple Knitting Pattern Tutorial
  2. Apple Hats!
  3. Apple Tea Cozy & Coasters
  4. Felt wool apple with removable slices
  5. Sample photos of felt apples from "Big Little Felt Universe"
  6. Japanese peal away felt apple
  7. Apple + Watermelon Gift Pouches
  8. Felt apple themed tea set for kiddos (pictures only)
  9. Pattern for felt apple bean bags
  10. Little Apple Yarn Favors
  11. How to make an apple pin cushion
  12. Apple embroidery hoop picture tutorial
  13. Apple Print Tee Shirts
  14. Quilted apple picture collage for school children (picture only)
  15. Sew the perfect apple pincushion
  16. The very complicated apple tree knit scarf
  17. Stamping with paint onto knit shirts
  18. Back to school pom pom apple garland
  19. Bushel of Apples Felt Garland
  1. Apple Unit (educational games)
  2. Apple games for early learners
  3. Free Apple Activities Pack
  4. Homeschool Share – Johnny Appleseed
  5. Homeschool Creations Apple Read Write Build
  6. Confessions of a Homeschooler – A is for Apple
  7. All Our Days Apple Packs
  8. Spell Out Loud – Apple Pattern Cards
  9. 1+1+1=1 – Apple Printables
  10. Four Seasons of an Apple Tree 
  11. Apple Scented Cloud Dough
  12. Apple pie scented play dough
  13. Apple roll and pick game
  14. Apple Core Puzzle
Sweet Apple Treats: 
  1. Rice Krispie treat apples
  2. Warm Apples and Ice Cream
  3. Apple Tree Snack
  4. Apple dipped in chocolate
  5. Apple Cupcakes with Caramel Buttercream
  6. Individual Apple Tarts
  7. How to make hot pink candy apples
  8. Apple cookies for the teacher and classmates on first day of school
  9. Spiced Hot Apple Cider Recipe 
  10. How to make perfect candy apples
  11. Tasty Apple Smiles by Pirate Lifestyle
  12. Chilled Apple Tea
  13. Veronica's Apple Pancakes
  14. Spiced Apple Waffles
  15. Homemade Applesauce
  16. Spiced Apple Ice Cream
  17. Apple Cake Recipes
  18. Adorable Gingham Apple Cupcake Design!
An Apple for The Teacher:
  1. Surprise your teacher with an edible chalkboard
  2. Apple core thank you note for the teacher
  3. A sophisticated looking apple journal
  4. Printable thank you teacher gift tags with A+ apples
  5. Printable Teacher Thank You Notes
  6. Printable teacher appreciation note card with apple
  7. simple gift ideas for the teacher
  8. Apple Tree Magnet Board
Purchase unusual apple items:
  1. Braided Country Apple Rug
  2. Apple cookie stamp
The Apple in Literature:
  1. "Ten Red Apples," by Pat Hutchins
  2. "Oats and Wild Apples," by Frank Asch
  3. Who as Johnny Appleseed?
Apple Facts:
  1. Apples: History & Nutrition
Apple Themed Activities and Crafts for Early Learning Centers from pre-k teachers

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