Friday, September 13, 2013

Some nursery furniture for the paper doll house

      The two pieces of paper doll's furniture published today are a crib for the paper doll infant and a rocking chair for a somewhat older paper child. Cut out both pieces and paste them on cardstock to make them stiff enough to stand up. Fold on the lines indicated by the arrows and thrust the small tabs through the little slits. These small slits are more easily cut with the point of a knife than with scissors.
      If you have not made the paper doll's flat, which was described when the furniture series was begun, you may now make a paper doll's nursery from a box, which should be about eight inches long, seven inches wide and four inches high. Take away one side of the box so that you can arrange the furniture easily. The floor of the box should be stained with water color paints or colored with crayons. The walls may also be stained a pale color, pale blue, pink or yellow being the nicest for a nursery. If you prefer, you may paper the walls.
      Make a rug for the floor by pasting a square or oval piece of felt paper in the center of the room. A blue and white nursery is very pretty and you may have dark blue paper  for a rug. Cut a window out of one side of the box and curtain it with white tissue paper.
      The crib will need a mattress, which you can make of white tissue paper. It will take many thicknesses for a good soft mattress which will be comfortable for the paper doll infant. Tissue paper sheets are very nice, and then you should have a little coverlet of white lace paper over pale blue or pale pink. Make a little flat pillow of tissue paper.
      You can cut tiny pictures of animals from magazines and papers and frame them in white letter paper and paste them on the nursery walls.

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