Monday, September 9, 2013

Sunflower Craft Using Beans and Hands

This little fellow is preparing to assemble a giant sunflower. On the far right I have traced his hands on bright yellow construction paper. He is still too young to be able to cut the hand petals out by himself, but I try to get him excited about every step involved in the process anyway. My kindhearted companion patiently waits for me to cut out the petals while he plays in a large bin of beans on the right.
Now it is his turn to work on the sunflower. I poured a significant amount of glue onto the center of his sunflower. He patiently adds the beans one-by-one. This took him at least fifteen minutes and we discussed a great many wise things while he worked.
The following day, my little art student is ready to take his giant sunflower home.
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