Friday, September 27, 2013

Wad, Wrap and Tape A Fall Pumpkin Craft

       Harvest an entire "field" of pumpkins this school year without the mess and toil! Masking tape comes in many different colors and is an excellent craft material for young students to work with. Below I have included just one of the many craft ideas that I have developed for young students in my classroom using masking tape. Teachers will need to purchase this tape in orange and green for this Fall pumpkin craft. They will also need newsprint, small paper bags and green chenille stems in order to complete the the pumpkin pictured below. Also, take this opportunity to speak to your students about what it means to recycle materials while crushing and repurposing old newsprint for the stuffing used to craft their paper pumpkins.

  1. Crush and wad newsprint into a ball resembling a pumpkin shape. 
  2. Stuff a small paper bag with the newsprint wad.
  3. Crush the top of the bag into a stem shape and twist a piece of green masking tape around this "stem" to seal the bag. 
  4. Now twist the stem and mask it with more green tape until the stem has been completely covered.
  5. Next cover the lower half of the pumpkin with orange masking tape strips approximately two to three inches long. Cover all of the remaining brown or white parts of the bag.
  6. The bag's corners should be eventually taped down as well and the bottom completely covered.
  7. Twist a springy, soft green chenille stem around the pumpkin's stem for added texture and effect!
An excellent alternative material to use in place of paint for crafting Fall pumpkins is colored masking tape, especially
if you are teaching "art on a cart" and need to keep mess down to a minimum.

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