Monday, October 21, 2013

100 Creative Ways to Teach Numbers And Math Skills

Math And Art Integrated Studies:
  1. Mythical Creatures: Integrating Art and Math
  2. Number Portrait  
  3. Delauney Marker Drawing 
  4. Connect the Dot Geometry Designs
  5. How to Make Your Own Paper Polyhedra
  6. Bridging the Gap Between Math and Art (Slide Show)
  7. free mandala designs to print
  8. Paper-Plate Polyhedron (basic step-by-step tutorial)
  9. Parabolic Line Drawing Exercise
  10. Drawing Buildings from Deep Space Sparkle
  11. Perfect Percent Patchworks
  12. Fish Tessellation
  13. 6th Grade: Frank Stella Protractor Series
  14. An Exercise in Symmetry
  15. Painted Paper Geometry Designs (idea)
  16. Paper Towel Quilts - Teach Math!
  17. Op Art Like Vaserely
  18. Imbalance Contest Winners Announced!
  19. Notan Expanding the Square
  20. Paintings - Math Source
  21. Abstract Numbers
  22. 4th Grade: Circle Patterns (Rotational Symmetry)
  23. Area Exercise from
  24. Prisms and Pyramids from
  25. Circle Activity from
  26. Reflections, Translations, and Rotations concept is a very ancient exercise in math used by art instructors for centuries: Art Exercises: , , , , , , ,
Math and Numbers For Early Learners Through Third Grade:
  1. Trace the numbers with your own matchbox cars here and here
  2. Clothespin Number Match Games: squares,
  3. Muffin Cup Counting Games: buttons,
  4. Teaching Addition With Popsicle Sticks
  5. Little Pumpkin and Jack-O-Lantern Number Books
  6. Using measuring cups to teach fractions
  7. Learning ordinal numbers
  8. Recognizing both written number words and number type: Egg carton game
  9. Division Mosaics by Math Fact Fun
  10. Number Hole Punch Games: no theme,
  11. Beach Ball Toss: Addition Game
  12. Craft Your Own Abacus
  13. Creative Counting With Pom Poms
  14. Number Matching Game
  15. Montessori-Inspired Greater Than Less Than Alligator Math
  16. Number Rings: A Cool Math Game
  17. Golf tees & Playdough math
  18. A car parking lot matching numbers game
  19. Water Balloon Number Target Practice
  20. Learning Coin Values with Games
  21. Both Addition Number Family Eggs and Build a Number
  22. Adding, number recognition and counting with fish themes
  23. Free Happy Frog Math
  24. Lego Addition and Subtraction Fun
  25. Number boards for counting rocks
  26. Montessori Ocean Math Activities at PreK + K Sharing
  27. Bowling Math Games: Quaker Oats cans,
  28. Telling Time With Sidewalk Chalk
  29. Stamp-n-Design time telling game
  30. Money Card Game
  31. Place Value Beads
  32. Dot Dabber Dice Game
  33. Fair not Fair Money Game!
  34. Place Value and Telling Time by Two Can Do It
  35. Planting a Numbers Garden
  36. Skip Counting: Counting by Fives with Turkey Hand Prints, Odds vs. Evens with cupcakes,
  37. How much does it weigh? and Measuring with Legos and What kids learn when baking
  38. Math Comparison Activities
  39. Fraction strips paper and wooden versions of the same game
  40. Teaching kids about money: educational money games for kids
  41. Place Value and a Freebie
  42. Teaching Place Value With Marshmallows and Cereal
Early Learning Calendar Activities:
Logic Puzzles:
Excellent Math Education Web Pages: Elementary Grades
Art and Math Video:
  1. "The Art of Math" Project Entry Document
  2. The Beauty Mathematics: Math & Art
  3. String Art is Calculus
  4. DIY 3D Geometric Paper Sculpture
  5. Studio 360: Mathematical Art
  6. Mathematics & art
  7. Math in Art: Unique artistic renderings by mathematicians.
  8. Reclaiming DaVinci: Art, Visualization, Mathematics
  9. Drawing and visualizing math equations
  10. Harmonograph in action
  11. Sand Pendulum
  12. Headspace Spatial Robot Kinetic Sculpture
  13. Linkogram drawing machine
  14. Paul the robot drawing Patrick
  15. How to Make an Escher-esque Tessellation
  16. 3D Origami Rainbow Vase
The Classic Art Meets Math Art Project
"Here's a quick tutorial on making a funky tessellation art project with just a pencil, protractor, and a sheet of construction paper. This particular way of doing it utilizes an equilateral triangle so that your finished shape will tessellate on a rotation." by Honeypaw

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