Thursday, October 24, 2013

Print and Play An Apple Themed Color Sort Game

An Apple Themed Color Sort Game
      Download and print out my apple sorting game for your early learning center or homeschool. If you have Microsoft Word, you can enlarge these bushels of apples before printing them. I've included one sheet of apple graphics for students to color or for teachers to print onto red, green and yellow papers here.
      After laminating the tiny printed apples on red, green and yellow papers, mix them together inside of a dark sack made of burlap or even a brown paper bag would suffice. Then lay the color printed bushels out onto a carpet and pass the bag of colored apples around a circle of very young students. Ask each child to take turns at pulling a little apple from the sack. The students should then match the color of their apples with the colors of the bushels as they go. This simple early learning game teaches them to distinguish between red, yellow and green.

Red bushel of apples.

Green bushel of apples.

Yellow bushel of apples.

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