Sunday, November 10, 2013

A Popular Crayon Etching Technique Used in Elementary Schools

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Child art using the same method demonstrated above.
      Below is a sample of the same coloring technique used to make a picture of a very hungry caterpillar. This little artist was in second grade when she drew this picture. Teachers and/or parents may also use a similar technique replacing the black crayon with black poster paint or tempera paints. You may find that this simplifies the last step and covers the surface of your etching paper more thoroughly. Also, little hands can tire before the prep on this project is finished and the painted surface is a alternative that saves tired arms and fingers! Etch your picture then on the following day.
      You may also use a coloring sheet as a outline to begin your crayon etching. Simply place a coloring sheet on top of the finished, dry, black surface of the paper and press firmly while tracing the outline of your coloring picture with a pencil. Do this on a hard surface, like a wooden table. Then lift the coloring sheet off the etching paper and begin to scratch off areas inside and out of the outline transfer to create a fun design.

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