Sunday, November 10, 2013

Color and Shade Vintage Racing Cars

      Above and below are "digital tracings," of vintage race cars. Students may practice shading techniques on top of the printed digital tracing. After a student learns shading techniques with a number 2 pencil, he or she may choose to try working with colored pencils or even watercolors in order to enhance the digital tracing above. 
      Advanced students may be challenged to color and shade the digital tracing in colored pencils.

      I have included below a video of vintage race cars by Chris Ashworth. These Indy Cars are from the 1950s and were shown at the Michigan International Speedway. You can click on the lower right hand part of the video to visit youtube and read more about it.
      Also watch more video that I've linked to below in order to see the equipment of the cars and how these were typically finished before drawing on top of your own digital tracings.

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