Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Craft a Pretzel Turkey Collage

      Are you looking for a way to recycle pretzels? Well, I certainly was after a so many were left over from our school's fall festival. We were afraid to eat the crackers for fear of catching a cold or some such thing. So, I did what any sensible art teacher would do. I made a sample turkey out of the left overs of course!

 Step-by-Step Instructions:
  1. Print out the template twice so that you can cut all of the pieces out; the images are overlapped within the pattern. 
  2. Cut and trace around the pattern thus: the tail fan in orange, the body in yellow, the feet in brown, the snood red and the bill orange. 
  3. Paste all of these parts in layers according to the photos shown below. 
  4. Draw the eyes of the turkey.
  5. Paste a piece of brown twine between the back tail fan and a piece of poster board. 
  6. Trim the poster board so that only the fan shape shows after you hang the turkey. 
  7. Now use a generous amount of clear drying white glue onto the orange construction paper and arrange the pretzels in a decorative pattern on top. 
  8. Allow the turkey to dry over night in a warm dry place before moving it around!
You will need the following supplies to craft this turkey: 
  • print out the template below
  • scissors
  • brown twine for the hangger
  • white school glue
  • a very large piece of standard sized orange construction paper
  • red, brown, and yellow construction paper scraps
  • lots of stale pretzels
  • poster board for backing the project
  • permanent ink, black felt tipped pen
The full view of may pretzel turkey collage. Teachers might like to display these happy little fellow in their rooms this fall!
I came up with the design idea after cleaning up a table full of discarded treats at our school's fall candy corn festival.
Although the pretzels were no longer safe to eat, I thought surely I could come up with a way to recycle the snacks?

I don't know how long I can keep him without a insect or mouse discovering him but at least he is festive dressed for for this year.
I've included a template/pattern of my pretzel turkey for you to download and print out for the craft above. Don't forget to back the craft with poster board or cardboard. It needs a little extra support!
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