Sunday, November 10, 2013

Unique Coloring Pages for Kids

I am particularly interested in listing individual artists here who post original collections. Does this apply to you? Secondly, because my traffic is family oriented, please do not write and suggest pages with adult content. If you would like to have a link here and your pages are original, you may make a suggestion to
  1. Sesame Street Coloring Pages - Sesame Street Print and color or color online all your child's friends from Sesame Street. This site also features live events about Sesame Street across the United States and takes visitors behind the scenes of Sesame Street. Actor interviews, special interactive features, everyone will enjoy these coloring pages.
  2. Phee McFaddell draws charming fairies and also offers paper masks for visitors both young and old to color.
  3. Coloring Castle offers a wide selection of original coloring pages. Many of the coloring pages will appeal to older children and adults as well as young children. The mandalas are exceptional, so I have linked directly to these here.
  4. Daily Coloring Pages has advanced coloring pages for adults. These are far less common on the internet, so I've included a link here for those of you searching for free resources to share in retirement facilities and hospitals.
  5. Multicultural Graffiti Art -Free Printable Coloring Pages - Free Graffiti ... Graffiti Diplomacy is a Brooklyn based website offering some very unique coloring pages. I love these unusual graffiti coloring pages.
  6. Printable Coloring Pages: Fun Downloadable Coloring ... - Art is Fun These printable coloring pages for adults and teens are by artist Thaneeya McArdle. These coloring pages will appeal to those of you who enjoy folk art!
  7. Yellow Bird Project : Indie Rock Coloring Book "Andy J. Miller, a talented illustrator, collaborated with YBP to produce this unique expression of art and music." An artistic coloring book for those of you who love to be challenged and also for the collector I think.
  8. Artist Coloring Page - Boy Artist - Twisty Noodle For those of you who still believe that coloring pages are for kids only, I've included here a site for young children. Many of these resources are actually from very old clip art files. However, the site is put together very well and the images have been thoroughly cleaned and maintained. Parents can apply for a membership as well.
  9. HeyHey Colors - street art based ipad colouring book app HeyHey Apps is a Belgian based software company creating apps for kids. The artwork of street artist Bue the Warrior is featured here and I love his collection. This site is very appealing to adults as well as children.
  10. Free Art Coloring Pages « MuseumChick | Danee Gilmartin For homeschoolers and teachers looking for coloring pages of artworks to reinforce art history lessons.
  11. Britto Coloring Book This coloring book based upon the artworks of Romero Britto. Teach little ones about color and pattern.
  12. Free Educational Coloring Pages This coloring book features famous works of art and facts about the artist. Another collection that is valuable as a teaching resource.
  13. Kathleen Rietz - Children's Book Illustrator "I'm a freelance artist, photographer, writer and art teacher. My hope is to make a positive difference in the world." Her collection is very appealing to parents and kids. The pages are original to her alone.
  14. This website features guest artist submissions by: Rachel Pitler, Michael C. Hsiung, Nakisha VaderHoeven, Bedo Shamelian and Diane Wallace. 
  15. Cartoons and Free Printable Coloring Pages by Maui Artist, Guy ... " Guy Junker is a Maui Artist known for his petroglyph paintings but before his fine art carreer he was a cartoonist and illustrator.  This site not only contains many of his cartoon prints but also his online Coloring Book Club which features stacks of Free Printable Coloring Pages for your kids.  This is a great resource for teachers, parents and grandparents." Love it.
  16. Jeannie Vodden Art » Coloring pages Coloring pages by Jeannie Vodden are original and available in large file format. The mermaid is my favorite!
  17. Between the Lines A Coloring Book "lively new collection of work by Vito Acconci, Rita Ackermann, John Baldessari, Jeremy Blake, Will Cotton, R. Crumb, Keith Haring, Sol LeWitt, Robert Longo, John Lurie, Robert Mapplethorpe, Jason Middlebrook, Julian Opie, Laura Owens, Alexis Rockman, Kenny Scharf, William Wegman and John Wesley, among others." Published by RxArt is a not-for-profit organization. Adults and collectors will love it.
  18. Dulemba Coloring Pages Free coloring pages available here from illustrator,  Elizabeth O. Dulemba. Coloring images are for young children and feature literacy and holiday topics.
  19. The Coloring Barn A free collection of kids coloring pages, all subjects, all original to the site as far as I can tell. The collection is nicely done. 
  20. Creative Cuties An original coloring page collection by artist Heather Sybil Chavez. Ms. Chavez is from Pasadena, California.  Her work is very stylized.
  21. Free Coloring Pages from Nicole Nicole Florian draws many subjects for children to color. She also sells ebooks. Her style is very distinctive and her collection is large.

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