Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Over 100 Quality Valentine Links!

Crafting Handmade Valentine Cards:
  1. Valentines Day Card/Heart Shaped Card
  2. Splitcoaster's Mini VSN - Virtual Stamp Night
  3. Shaped Cards with Sweet Stamps
  4. Six for Six Valentines
  5. Luxury handmade Valentines by UK artists
  6. Crocheted Valentine Cards
  7. Handmade Valentine With a Hidden Surprise
  8. Handmade Valentines "at Second street"
  9. Stamp Your Heart Out by Ashley Cannon Newell
  10. Nancy's Puzzle Purse Valentine
  11. Essimar Papel 
Valentine Clip Art:
  1. preciosas postales vintage III
  2. free valentine clip art from webweaver
  3. valentine clip art from mycutegraphics
  4. akidsheart valentine clip art
  5. thekidzpage free valentine clip art
Calligraphy for Valentines:
  1. Calligraphy Flourish Friday - Valentine Cards and more cards here and cookie!
  2. Happy Valentine's Day Calligraphy - demonstration by Caitlin Dundon
  3. Valentine's Day Lettering - the "flourishing Script"
  4. Valentine Calligraphy by Xandra Zamora
  5. Happy Valentine's Day Calligraphy by Jennifer
  6. calligraphy valentine's notes for friends
  7. Romantic Handmade Valentines
  8. Letters by Martina Flor
  9. calligraphy spool valentine
  10. Happy Valentine's Day 2013 from Tawny Tsang Calligraphy
  11. Calligraphy Valentine by Carol M. Scott
  12. Valentine by Teakster
The Heart Matters:
  1. Healing Broken Hearts from Natalie Grimm 
  2. Operation Write Home
  3. Five People To Make Your Valentine
  4. 14 Charitable Ways to Celebrate Valentine's Day
  5. Valentines Nursing Home Trip
  6. 10 Year Old Says, "Homeless People Need Valentines Too"
  7. Why does my child have to give Valentine's Day cards to everyone?
  8. A prayer for those who have no joy on St. Valentine's Day
Learn more about vinegar Valentines here.
Scrappin' Your Valentines:
  1. Valentines Day/Love Scrapbook Layout
  2. Sweet Memories Paper Bag Album
  3. gorgeous page, "Queen of Hearts?"
  4. Valentine's scrapbook at "instructables"
  5. Valentine's Day Love Scrapbook Layouts
  6. A Valentine Scrap Book
Milagro Valentines:
  1. Belated Valentine by Cynthia Warren
  2. A Valentine Unlike Conventional Hearts
  3. Nicho with Milagro heart
  4. New Carved Wood Hearts covered in Milagros
  5. Mexican Wood Milagro
  6. The Valentine Milagro of Xs & Os
Craft Your Own Valentine Gift Boxes and Wraps:
  1. Matchbox Valentines
  2. How to make a petite gift box for your Valentine
  3. DIY: Cereal Valentines
  4. love notes jar
  5. Valentine Treat Boxes 
  6. Fabric valentine candy cones by Thimbleanna
  7. gobelet box
  8. "see through" Valentines
  9. Piano Valentine Craft (printable & tutorial) from Joy Morin
  10. A foam Valentine box craft for little ones
Valentine Collections:
  1. Victorian Valentines from The Public Library of Cincinnati and here
  2. Victorian Valentines at IU Lilly Library
  3. The American Magic-Lantern Theater's A Victorian Valentine Show
  4. Comic Valentines Gallery at the Library of Birmingham
  5. Museum of London - Valentine Cards
  6. Norfolk Museums Victorian Valentines
  7. Believe Me True from the Minnesota Historical Society
  8. Vintage Valentine Museum
  9. vintage hand fans
Decorating For Valentine's Day:
  1. Paper Rose Wreath Tutorial
  2. Vintage paper Valentine wreath tutorial
  3. Valentine Garland Free Printable from "whisker graphics"
  4. DIY Valentine Garland from "The Creative Place: DIY"
  5. Fabric Valentine hearts garland from "How About Orange"
  6. Vintage-Inspired Valentine's Day Garland
  7. Handmade Valentine garland using wool scraps
  8. A valentine rosette wreath
Learn more about manufactured Valentines here.
Valentine Crafts and Gifts: Textiles, Beads, Needlepoint
  1. Valentine Tree & Apron 101
  2. Crochet: Valentine Envelope
  3. Victorian Fan ala Flourishes
  4. Craft Papier Mâché Heart Shaped Ornaments: step-by-step photos for shaping the heart!
  5. Beaded hearts by Zinaida 
  6. Valentine's needlepoint: For your special love
  7. Excellent examples of Victorian ribbon work and stumpwork
  8. hanky dress valentines
  9. Silk'n Roses by Mánya 
  10. Fresh Start, Full Heart by Lisa
  11. Folk art "Home From The Sea" needlepoint canvas
  12. a heart for all 
  13. Mini Upcycled Paper Crowns 
  14. 100 Valentines for Quilters! wow.
  15. Vintage Envelope Tag Book
  16. Stand Up and Cheer!
  17. Cute little redwork hearts
  18. Primitive Valentine Needlepoint
  19. Free vintage redwork patterns from me for your Valentine crafts
  20. Valentine Redwork
  21. A felt valentine garland
  22. heart hand warmers
A Valentine for The Teacher:
  1. Teacher S'mores Mason Jar Valentines
  2. I Was Soapin You'd Be My Valentine! 
  3. "You're the glue that keeps us together"
Valentine Candy:
  1. Valentine Pretzel Buttons from "g*rated"
  2. Candy Cane Hearts
  3. Homemade conversation hearts
  4. Easy Homemade Turtle Candy
  5. Pink Valentine Divinity
  6. Pink Lemonade Fudge
Valentine Cookies:
  1. Sweetie Valentine Cookie Tutorial at "Bubble and Sweet"
  2. Stained Glass Valentine Cookies from "Art and the Kitchen"
  3. Cherry-Walnut Ball Cookies
  4. Hugs and Kisses Sugar Cookies from martha stewart
  5. Chocolate Shortbread Cookies from Pint Sized Baker
  6. White-Chocolate Cherry Shortbread Cookies
  7. Valentine Cookies: Jam Filled Hearts from "The Project Girl"
  8. Homemade Oreo's with a Valentine's message
  9. Sweet Marie Valentines Bars
  10. Strawberry Chocolate Chip Cookies
  11. Conversation Heart Cookies from martha stewart
  12. sugar cookie set for Valentines Day
Valentine Deserts:
  1. Valentine's Day Red Velvet Trifle
  2. Cupid's Cups
  3. Mini Heart Chocolate Cheesecakes
  4. Red Velvet Nutella "Cinnamon" Roll Hearts
  5. Raspberry Meringue Hearts
  6. chocolate bouchons with fresh raspberries
  7. Ice Cream Sandwich Valentine
  8. Raspberry Cheesecake Brownies
  9. Crystal Cupcakes by Elisa Strauss

"When Cincinnati Children's asked kids to send in Valentine cards to spread a little love at the hospital for Valentine's Day, we thought we would get a few hundred responses. Instead, we received more than a few thousand. Packages arrived from schools, churches, scout troops and former patients. And the boxes just kept coming. We are sharing them here so you can get a glimpse at the smiles Valentines brought to patients and employees. It might just lift your spirits and remind you what this day is all about."

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