Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Assemble Hershey Kiss Bouquets for Valentine's Day

Assembled Hershey kiss bouquets for Valentines Day. These are both simple and beautiful.

Hershey rose bud wrap process.

A Hershey Kiss Rose Bouquet for Your Special Valentine

       Who wouldn't love to receive one of these lovely Hershey Kiss bouquets? The first one shown on the left is a bit more complicated to assemble than the second pink one. 
      My red rose bud bouquet is assembled with eight bright red kisses, red cellophane, squares, red masking tape and four green wire stems. You could use green chenille stems for the project if you'd like but I prefer the wrapped thick wire stems because these are much sturdier. Gently mask together two candy kisses with their flat sides together. Then use a second piece of tape to wrap the tip of a wire stem to the 'rose bud'. Bend this slightly so that the rose stem is beneath the tip of the kiss bud. Then wrap the cellophane over the top and down on all sides of the entire rose bud. Tape this in place by wrapping the thin piece of red masking tape around the end pieces of cellophane. (see photo on right)
      I then wrapped a few stray green silk leaves around the rosebuds together with a green chenille stem. Then I folded a single piece of green tissue paper, corner to corner for the finished looking bouquet, just as I would do for a real bunch of long stem roses. Tie off the final product with some natural looking twine. Add a few touches; like a fancy tag or a Valentine card to your chocolate candy kiss bouquet.

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The finished chocolate rose bouquet wrapped with natural twine.
 A closer look at the candy kiss buds.
Try wrapping the candy kisses with different colors of cellophane too.
I chose pale pink carnations for this assembled candy bouquet.
Craft A Candy Kiss Carnation Bouquet for Valentines Day

      This Valentine bouquet is even simpler to assemble. All you will need for this craft is a few stems of silk carnations, craft tape, tissue paper, a 'cool' glue gun, twine or ribbon and a candy kiss for each silk flower's center. Glue the candy kisses at the center of each silk carnation. Then wrap the stems together with a bit of tape. Fold a piece of pink tissue corner to corner and wrap this around the floral stems attractively. Add the twin and a card or tag to finish this quick and simple Valentine gift. 

This project took me less than five minutes to assemble!

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  1. Love the carnations! I'd almost prefer that to a real bouquet.