Tuesday, January 7, 2014

"Bee Mine" Valentines

Two happy little bumble bee valentines.
      Bumbles bee Valentines have been a part of American classroom crafts for over 50 years. They are classic little paper crafts that all young ones love to assemble and share with each other.
      I have included here two of my own "Bee Mine, Valentine" bumble bee patterns for your little ones to make this Valentine's Day. Teachers may wish to print and cut the patterns and then trace them on to heavy cardboard so that students can trace around the stencils all by themselves. 
      You will need bright yellow, white and red construction papers for the bodies, wings and hears. Black chenille stems, black and yellow pom poms, white glue, scissors, markers and tiny brads are also needed for both paper craft projects combined. 

  1. Print and cut out the patterns that I have drawn up below. 
  2. Trace around the elements using a soft lead pencil and yellow construction paper for the bodies of the bees. 
  3. Then cut their wings from white paper or transparent wax paper. I outlined my wings to make them stand out for the photos; but these would be just as cute cut from waxy transparent paper. 
  4. Color in the stripes black and add facial features. 
  5. Antenna can be cut from the chenille stems and pom poms can be glued to the ends. I also added small yellow pom poms for hands to my first bumble bee sample. Encourage your students to add their own ideas to their bumble bee cards. 
  6. Write a traditional bee message somewhere on your Valentine. Something like:
"Bee Mine, Valentine!"
"Honey, Your So Sweet!"
"You can attract more bees with a bit of honey!"
This cheerful little bug can't wait to
surprise some lucky little Valentine.
This honey bee pattern includes bumble bee parts for two Valentines. You will need to cut one of each before tracing them on to bright yellow and white construction paper.
"Honey Bee My Valentine" bumble bee valentine is crafted from the
paper pattern include above. He is designed from three yellow heart
shapes turned upside down then glued together. Two large white
hearts are his wings. I added a few tiny hearts to his
antenna and cheeks too.

Visit My Bumble Bee Pinboard for Early Learning Centers - This board may be used for the development of learning materials with a bumble bee or bee hive theme for early learning centers.

"Kids' classmates will be abuzz with joy when they receive one of these lollipop-toting bumblebee valentine cards. Teach your kids how to make Valentine's Day Be Mine Bee Valentines!"

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"Bee" My Valentine Honey! card
"Bee" My Honey Valentine
"Honey, Bee Mine! card
To My Valentine, I think that you're a honey and I hope
that you'll Bee Mine!" Valentine

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  1. These bumble bees are so sweet. My kids will be crafting their own Valentines this year.