Saturday, January 11, 2014

Craft a Paper Monoplane

A finished monoplane cut from paper.
Directions For Making A Monoplane

      Cut out along heavy black outside lines. Cut slits E. and F. Fold main plane under along dotted line A--B, then fold under again along C--D. Fold elevating planes O and P under long lines J and K. Fold body along line G--H. Insert the head, X, into slit, F, in main plane and head, Y, into slit, E. See that notches in elevating planes fit into each other. Pass a pin through the center of the propeller and twist the blades so as to make a pin wheel that revolves through the points M--M--M. Stick another pin through the point N. Hold the aeroplane over the head, with the under part of the body, marked R--R, between the thumb and first finger, and give it a slight forward push, releasing it at the same time. If you have followed the instructions carefully the areoplane will sail across the room, the propelier revolving, like a real airship. The San Francisco Call, 1911.

A 1911 pattern for a paper monoplane first published by New York Herald Co.

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