Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Craft a Valentine Cracker or Two

These valentine crackers are made with clean, recycled cardboard tubes, tissue papers, lace, tags and a bit of imagination.
      These Valentine crackers are easy to make and also inexpensive, creative wrappings for Valentine sweets. Most folks wrap fancy paper around a tube, in this case I used a clean recycled toilet paper tube, tie off one end and then remove the tube before stuffing the wrapping with treats. Then they gently tie the opposite end shut. I sometimes leave the tube inside the wrapping in order to give the items inside a bit more protection from handling. These are usually set at a dinner party table, one per guest. At the end of the meal, the recipient pulls either end of the cracker to open the gift of small toys and or candy. Crackers originated in England and are most usually crafted during the Christmas holiday.

One of the two Valentine crackers up close.

See More Cracker Crafts: the Christmas cracker link has a video demonstration.

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