Thursday, January 23, 2014

Craft a Welsh Corgi Valentine Mailbox

       One of my favorite breeds inspired this Valentine mail box. Download the pattern below, print it out, trace it onto construction paper and start crafting! I used a wrapped cereal box for this version. Add layers of shredded brown, black, and white paper to make the hair. I also cut a slit into the side of the box to insert the tail. Both the mask and tail were backed with corrugated cardboard before the dog's body was assembled. The tongue was cut from pink paper and shaped by hand after I shaded it's center with a red and pink pencils. 

A close up of a paper dog valentine mailbox.
I used a cereal box to make this sample mail box. I colored the feet of my dog directly
onto the white paper wrapped around the cereal box.
I curled and fringed brown, black and white papers to make the fake fur.
This paper dog has a curled, 3D tongue.
A side view of the valentine mailbox.
Layer the paper fringe down the front of the wrapped cereal box.
The dog's tail was backed with corrugated cardboard and then wrapped with
construction paper. I then glued more fringe to the outside part of his tail.
My free Welsh Corgi pattern for a Valentine Mail Box.


  1. How cute! I may have to use this! Do you other animals as well?

  2. Yes, Jessica. I will be posting an owl later this week!