Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Grandmamma's Valentine

By Mrs. A. D. T. Whitney.

Two little birdies after one fly!
Wonder if maybe they mean you and I--
Will-Boy and Jim?
Two little b'udders, that you can see;
And if one of 'em's you, and the other is me,
Wonder who's him!

Butterflies is such ex-culiar things!
Nothing at all but just two little wings.
Guess they must be
Quick winkie-thinkies! Wonder if this
Isn't a think, or a dear flying kiss,
F'om G'annie to we?

S'pose we can catch it? And then if we do,
Is one half for I and the other for you?
Or -- s'pose we just look:
A fly doesn't want to be tored into two,
And a kiss is as good, when you know it has flew,
As if it was took!

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