Sunday, January 26, 2014

"You're Sodalicious Valentine!"

The phrase used on the ice cream Valentine above, ""You're the cream
of the crop," My little cherry on top!"
      Fourth and fifth grade students will be sure to delight in these ice cream treats! I've included a few of my free patterns below for teachers to download, print, trace and craft these valentine cards.
      Teachers may adapt the processes in producing these cards according to the abilities of their students and the availability of supplies. For example: the waffle pattern on the cones may be colored by hand, as I have done, or students could find a similar surface pattern and do crayon rubbings on top of construction paper in order to mimic the cone's surface. Students could also use combs or brayers to apply dark brown paint to a lighter shade of tan paper in order to create an interesting 'waffle' design as well.
      I chose to hand color some of my the ice cream but it would look just as nice with layered and torn papers. Perhaps even glitter would lend a nice effect for the final finish to these fun ice cream cone Valentines? Use your imagination and have fun!

These ice cream, waffle cones are hand colored to look
like actual waffle patterns.
Additional Sodas and Ice Cream Valentine Cards:
More Ice Cream Heart Cards for Kids To Make:

This ice cream valentine reads, "You Melt My Heart, Valentine." Both Valentines open up to reveal large, bright red hearts.
Two variations of patterns for ice cream cone Valentines. Cut multiple scoops of ice cream according to tastes
and two hearts per student: one in brown paper, the second in red or pink. The dashed line indicates a "fold"
 on the heart shaped waffles. Look to the photos above for assembly.

The above ice cream looks as though it has come from a pump, unlike the ice cream above that has been
scooped. Some folks prefer 'soft served' ice cream and some prefer their ice cream hard. No matter which
you desire, these little ice cream patterns are sure to please!
Ice Cream and Soda Crafts:
Sodas and Ice Cream Valentine Treats:
Vintage Soda Fountain Themed Valentines: 
"Mmm - You're 'Sweet' Be My Valentine Please!" ice cream cone
 Valentine card
"Need a Valentine? Soda" card
"Gee Whiz Valentine You 'Melt' Me, Please Be Mine" ice cream cone card
"To My Valentine, Oh You 'Smoothie' Let's Be 'Sundae Dates!" ice cream in a dish Valentine.
"Valentine It Will Be The Last Straw - If You Don't Say Yes!" card
"You're the Sweetest Thing I Know! Be Mine" Valentine Card.
"Meaning No 'Monkey-Shines," Valentine! I offer you choice of peach or vanilla and
 that oughta prove I ain't no "Gorilla"!" Valentine.

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  1. How adorable! And easy. I may have to have my kids make these.