Tuesday, February 4, 2014

"You Take The Cake!" Valentine

      I have included below four little cupcake templates that teachers and students may work with in order to craft some sweet enticing valentines. Two of the patterns are designed to fold and tuck beneath the top half of the iced cupcake. Therefore, you must paste one icing cap on top of another but leave approximately 1/2 inch of the cupcake top free of glue. 
      The bottom two patterns simple fold in half and open as a typical card. The third card pattern illustrated shows that the lower half of the cupcake card folds in half and on the fourth option, the entire card top and bottom fold in half. 
      When assigning cupcake cards to older students, 3rd - 5th grade, include all of the steps involved with the card craft. This would include the cutting and tracing of the stencils as well. For students younger than second grade, teachers may wish to cut and paste the cards together in advance so that the children will only need to decorate the cards and write their own sentiments.

The Valentine cupcake on the left is trimmed with a red lace doily and the one on the right is cut from fancy paper. Teachers may wish to use this little assignment to emphasize shading while encouraging students to color their icing caps.
Left, the cupcake cards are open to show how these will look when the bottom half of the card is unfolded. Right a close up of the doily used to trim the cupcake Valentine.
Cupcake pattern with a very exaggerated, fluffy icing for young students to decorate.

   In this version of my cupcake Valentine cards, I have decided to decorate the extra fluffy icing with a variety of rhinestones, glitter, textured papers, shading and an oreo cookie.
      This cupcake pattern also requires that an additional fluffy icing top be pasted down to the front side of the card, leaving approximately 1/2 inch of the icing cap unglued at the bottom edge. 
      Below you can see that what the card looks like when it is open. 
      Students love to use all kinds of scrap papers for this project: comics, wallpaper, wrapping paper, fuzzy or furry fabrics, stickers, lace etc... Let their imaginations run wild!
      My third pattern includes a strawberry ready to topple over the side of the large icing cap. I've included both a strawberry and a heart shaped cherry on the pattern sheets for young students to incorporate in their own interpretations of this Valentine project. On the left, I have used a figured scrap paper for the cupcake liner instead of drawing and shading the liner shown on the right. This card craft may be modified according to the abilities of those students you are working with.

General Supply List:
  • markers and colored pencils
  • construction papers: browns, white, pink, red and green
  • decorative Valentine papers
  • white school glue
  • scissors
  • glitter
  • a variety of textured papers

On the left, decorative paper was selected for the liner of the cupcake Valentine. I selected construction papers both in a dark, chocolately brown shade and in tan, to mimic caramel, to trace and cut the cupcake tops from. Don't forget to add the seeds to your strawberries with a fine line black permanent marker.
This little Valentine cupcake card is the simplest of them all. It opens from side to side.  It also include a heart shaped cherry on top!
Above, First sheet of two, four cupcake Valentine templates by Kathy Grimm.
 Below, Second sheet of two, four cupcake Valentine templates by Kathy Grimm.
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