Friday, June 27, 2014

The District School of Cut-Out Town

      Cut-out on heavy black line, fold on all dotted lines, then paste parts marked XX to parts marked X and you will have a little school with bell tower and brick chimney.

On the way to Cut-Out Corners, 
Where the road of Glueville winds,
Stands the little district schoolhouse,
Painted white, with neat green blinds.

Every day the paper children,
With their books and dinner pail,
Trot along the paper highway-
Sun or rain, they never fail!

And Miss Paperdoll, schoolmistress,
Hears them say their grammar rule
With arithmetic and spelling-
Then they're almost through with school

Now, however, it is recess-
In the playground they all run-
All excepting Dick and Flossie
On the doorstep in the sun.

Let us cut the school out, youngster,
Bring the paste-and now let's see
What a charming little schoolhouse
Cut-Out Corners school will be.


  1. Donna, I just came across the Little Cut-Out Town of 1909 on your blog today. My 6 yr old son was wanting more buildings to color and cut out - just the thing we were looking for! The image says it is by Pattern Beard. Where did you find them? We were hoping to find more buildings.

  2. Oh, It's been so long since I've been on this blog; I had forgotten about what is here, Missy. Just click on the tag "Cut-Out Town from 1909" under Labels and you will find all of the other buildings. There are several! Enjoy.