Monday, January 9, 2017

I've restored paper doll of silent film star Sidney Drew

If the whole is mounted on light cardboard before the figures are cut out,
 the different parts will last longer and the tabs will not tear so easily
 Color if desired, then cut dotted lines in hats and slip over the head.
 Fold base on dotted line to make figure stand.
      Mr. & Mrs. Sidney Drew were an American comedy team on stage and screen. The team initially consisted of Sidney Drew (August 28, 1863 – April 9, 1919) and his first wife Gladys Rankin (October 8, 1870 – January 9, 1914). After Gladys died in 1914, Sidney Drew married Lucile McVey (1890–1925), and the two performed as Mr. and Mrs. Sidney Drew. Read more...

"Fox Trot Fitness" silent film star Sidney Drew gets tired on his feet.

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