Wednesday, July 26, 2017

DIY Apple Card Games for Early Learners

Alphabet Apple Cards made from die cuts.
The alphabet apple cards, just right, are made from die cut apples and precut alphabet letters.

Alphabet Apple Card Questions:
  • Spell out simple sight words like: GO, MY, ME, AT, TO, BE, NO, YES
  • Put the alphabet cards in order and recite the letters out loud.
  • Find a specific letter or remove a specific letter.
  • Identify the vowel letters?
  • Which letter is at the beginning of your name?
  • Pick out a letter and make it's sound. 
  • How many letters are in the alphabet? Count them to find out.
The Seriation Apple Cards: are cut from red construction paper and shaded with crayons or colored pencils. Young students can line these apples up, starting with the smallest apple and ending with the largest, or vice versa. 
Homemade Seriation Apple Cards.
The Whole & Half Apple Card Set: For this next apple card set, cut four of each design: four cut apples of yellow, lime green, dark green and bright red and then four uncut apples of yellow, lime green, dark green and bright red. There should be thirty-two cards altogether.

Questions for this card game:
  • Match the pairs, each pair should share the same color and include one cut half apple and one whole apple
  • Display four apples, three alike and one different. Which apple doesn't belong?
  • Display five or six cards and ask the child to identify specific colors, specific cut halves, or whole apples.
  • Spread out all the cards face up and ask the child to make a book, four matching cards exactly alike.
  • Spread all the cards face down in the pattern of a grid and have the children take turns turning two cards face up. If the two cards each player turns face up match they can take the matching pair and put it into their own personal stack. If the two cards do not match, the player must return them face down to the grid. The player with the most pairs by the end of the game wins. Players must turn cards over until none are left in the grid.
Pictures of the Whole & Half Apple Card set. Far left, Match the pairs., Next, count the red apples.,
Center, make a book., Far Right, Which apple doesn't belong.
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