Friday, August 25, 2017

Christmas Children

Christmas Children.
By M. Nora Boylan

(An acrostic for the primary grade. Each child wears a large gilt star around his neck. As he begins to speak, he turns it over, showing his letter on the reverse side.)

All: Happy children here we stand.
Bringing words of love ;
For on this glad Christmas day
Christ came from above.

First child: C is for the Christ Who came
To this lowly earth. 

Second child: H is for the harps that rang
At our Savior's birth.

Third child: R is for the ringing bells,
Telling Christmas-tide.

Fourth child: I is for the crystal ice
Where we go to slide.

Fifth child: S is for the schoolboy's sled
When he coasting goes.

Sixth child: T is for poor Tommy Jones-
Jack Frost bit his nose. 

Seventh child: M is for the merry part
Of this Christmas day,

Eighth child: A is for the apple pies
Grandma put away.

Ninth child: S is for old Santa Clans,
Coming here to-night.
Hope he'll wait till nearly morn,
So it will be light.

All: Yes, we're happy children nine,
And to each we're .true,
Three cheers for jolly Santa Claus,
A happy day to you.

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