Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Easter Dawn

Easter Dawn
by Frances Ridley Havergal

It is too calm to be a dream.
Too gravely sweet, too full of power.
Prayer changed to praise this very hour.
Yes, heard and answered ! though it seem
Beyond the hope of yesterday,
Beyond the faith that dared to pray.
Yet not beyond the love that heard,
And not beyond the faithful word
On which each trembling prayer may rest
And win the answer truly best. 

Yes, heard and answered ! sought and found !
I breathe a golden atmosphere
Of solemn joy, and seem to hear
Within, above, and all around,
The chime of deep cathedral bells,
An early herald peal that tells
A glorious Easter tide begun;
While yet are sparkling in the sun
Large raindrops of the night storm passed.
And days of Lent are gone at last.

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