Friday, August 25, 2017

Little Snowflakes

Little Snowflakes.
By Ella M. Powers.

(Six primary children may sing these words to the tune, " Tiny Little Snowflakes'' in " Golden Robin," with the following finger-play.)
  1. Hands waving up and down, fingers moving rapidly
  2. Imitate the waving with hands and heads to right and left.
  3. Quickly shake head and hands.
  4. One sweep of hand across the desk.
  5. Right hand raised as high as head, fist closed.
  6. Abruptly bring fist down on desk.
  7. Similar to (a).
  8. Hands clasping and eyes upturned as if gazing with admiration at the tree

We are little snowflakes, (a)
Falling gently down,
On the fields and mountains
In the busy town.

Now the waving (b) spruce trees
Shaking (c) gently say,
Brush away this light snow, (d)
It's nearly Christmas day.

Then a man comes gayly
With his axe so bright, (e)
He chops down the spruce tree (/)
Early one fair night.

Then on Christmas morning
Children dance to see, (g)
Many lovely presents
On that stately tree, (h)

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