Friday, August 25, 2017

The Snow Brigade

The Snow Brigade.
By Marian Loder.

(A winter drill for a dozen boys -- in overcoats, earcaps, bright-colored
mufflers, mittens, etc. Each carries a big snow-shovel. The stage
should be spread with sheets and loose cotton to represent snow. Boys
come marching in single file, shovels over shoulder, singing to the tune,
"See the Farmer in the Field.")

We are the jolly Snow Brigade,
With our trusty shovels we make a raid,
And lustily we'll give you aid
On a frosty winter's morning.

Chorus. -- He ! he ! ha ! ha ! ha !
He ! he ! ha! ha! ha!
He ! he ! ha ! ha ! ha !
Ho ! ho ! ho !

(Beginning to shovel cotton. )
We'll shovel your walk for fifteen cents,
We'll pile the snow against the fence,
We'll show you we are boys of sense
On a frosty winter's morning. -- Cho.

(Rubbing noses.)
Jiminy crack ! our noses are cold !
Oh ! Jack Frost is bad and bold !
(Working harder than ever.)
But little care we for the winter cold,
On a clear and frosty morning. — Cho,

(Pointing to work.)
Look at that ; now what do you say?
(Holding out hands to audience.)

Now, if you please, we'll take our pay.
Our work is done, it's time for play,
On a frosty winter's morning. -- Cho.

(Begin snowballing with the cotton, throwing balls into
audience and at each other.)

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