Friday, September 8, 2017

A Madrigal

A Madrigal
by Clinton Scollard

Easter-glow and Easter-gleam !
Lyric laughter from the stream
That between its banks so long
Murmured such a cheerless song;
Stirrings faint and fine and thin
Every woodsy place within ;
Root and tendril, bough and bole.
Rousing with a throb of soul ;
The old ecstasy awake
In the briar and the brake;
Blue-bird raptures -- dip and run --
And the robin-antiphon ;
Tingling air and trembling earth,
And the crystal cup of mirth
Brimmed and lifted to the lip
For each one of us to sip.
Dream! -- 'tis something more than dream,
Easter-glow and Easter-gleam!
Prescience 'tis, and prophecy
Of the wonder that shall be
When the spirit leaps to light
After death's heimal night!

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