Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Four Different Varieties of Pottery

       Three of the most common varieties of pottery are Earthenware, Stoneware, and Chinaware or Porcelain and one far less common is Micaceous clay pottery made famous by Pueblo Native American potters.
       Earthenware, which includes all of the coarser grades, from the ordinary stoneware, of which jugs and crocks are made, to the heavier grades used for culinary and table purposes. Earthenware is undoubtedly the earliest, form of pottery, and rude articles are found among' all uncivilized people.
       Stoneware, a high grade of earthenware. The term is often applied to numerous varieties in most common use. It is hard, well enameled and often beautifully decorated.
       Chinaware or Porcelain, the finest grade of pottery. It is made by mixing' the best quality of kaolin with a Chinese clay containing' a little silica. When fused at a high temperature these ingredients produce a beautiful translucent ware. Porcelain originated with the Chinese, hence the name china, or chinaware. It is known to have been manufactured as early as 950 b. c. Prom China and Japan come the most delicate and beautiful specimens of this Chinaware. 
       The manufacture of china was introduced into Europe early in the sixteenth century, and numerous establishments now exist both on the Continent and in England. The oldest and best known of these is near Dresden. Saxony, and from this city the ware has taken its name. Dresden china has attained wide popularity and is prized for its excellent quality and beautiful finish. 

My favorite pottery is made by Native American potters.
Above is a video describing Micaceous clay Pueblo pottery.

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