Friday, September 22, 2017

Our Presidents

(To the tune of "Yankee Doodle.")

George Washington is number one,
With whom begins the story;
John Adams then doth follow on
To share him in the glory.
Thomas Jefferson comes next,
A good old man was he.
James Madison is number four.
Twice President to be.

Our Presidents, hurrah! hurrah!
We'll give them three times three,
And may their memories ever live
In our hearts so brave and free.

Dear James Monroe was next in line.
Twice also did he rule us,
John Quincey Adams served us next.
And not once did he fool us.
Then Andrew Jackson came along,
So famous as a soldier,
Martin Van Buren took his place
To act as office holder.

And William Henry Harrison
Came next in the procession.
He died, and then John Tyler came,
Of the chair to take possession.
James K. Polk is on the roll,
He was an upright man.
Zachary Taylor followed him,
A dozen now we scan.

Millard Fillmore then was called
To rule o'er all our nation:
And after him one Franklin Pierce
Was called to fill the station.
James Buchanan was the next
Our President to be;
Then came Abe Lincoln, brave and true,
A mighty man was he.

Andrew Johnson's name is next
In the song which we are singing;
Then comes the name of U. S. Grant,
Let's set the rafters ringing;
And now we've got to R. B. Hayes,
The nineteenth name of all;
And James A. Garfield is the next
To answer to the call.

Chester Allen Arthur then
Comes forth to take his place;
And Grover Cleveland follows him.
The next one in the race.
Harrison in eighty-eight
Was called to fill the chair.
And Cleveland then again was called
To rule our Country fair.

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