Monday, January 8, 2018

A Hymn For Arbor Day

By Henry Hanby Hay
(To be sung by schools to the tune of "America")

God save this tree we plant!
And to all nature grant
Sunshine and rain.
Let not its branches fade,
Save it from axe and spade.
Save it for joyful shade -
Guarding the plain.

When it is ripe to fall,
Neighbored by trees as tall,
Shape it for good.
Shape it to bench and stool,
Shape it to square and rule,
Shape it for home and school,
God bless the wood.

Lord of the earth and sea,
Prosper our planted tree.
Save with Thy might.
Save us from indolence,
Waste and improvidence.
And in Thy excellence.
Lead us aright.

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