Sunday, January 7, 2018

A Mother's Love by Montgomery

A Mother's Love 
by Montgomery

I loved thee, daughter of my heart!
My child, I loved thee dearly!
And though we only met to part!
How sweetly! how severely!
Nor life nor death can sever
My soul from thine forever.

Thy days, my little one, were few
An angel's morning visit.
That came and vanished with the dew,
Twas here - 'tis gone - where is it?
Yet didst thou leave behind thee
A clue for love to find thee.
Darling! my last, my youngest love.
The crown of every other I
Though thou art born in heaven above
I am thine only mother I
Nor will affection let me
Believe thou canst forget me.

Then - thou in heaven and I on earth -
May this our hope delight us,
That thou wilt hail my second birth.
When death shall reunite us;
When worlds no more can sever
Mother and child forever.

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