Sunday, January 7, 2018

Creation's Constant Love

       A broader view of life, a grander meaning of the word, is growing in the understanding of mankind. There is a growing confidence that a great love like a mother's love pervades the Universe. This perfect love that casts out fear is bringing us a definition of life large enough to include death as merely one of life's incidents, and thus the fear of death as a moving factor in the minds of men is passing away. Mother-love, love like a mother's, has for ages bridged the river of death for the heart, till now the understanding is following where the heart has led.
       All that modern science and learning is doing to dispel the mists of ignorance (where fear hides) is adding strength to that growing confidence in which love may breathe, the true, unselfish love, the mother-love that knows no fear. The following lines of deep meaning are from the pen of Leopold Schaffer:

All that God owns he constantly is healing.
Quietly, gently, softly, but most surely;
He helps the lowliest herb with wounded stalk
To rise again. See! from the heavens fly down,
All gentle powers to cure the blinded lamb.
Deep in the treasure-house of wealthy nature
A ready instinct wakes and moves
To clothe the naked sparrow in the nest.
Or trim the plumage of an aged raven.
Yea, in the slow decaying of a rose
God works as well as in the unfolding bud:
He works with gentleness unspeakable
In death itself‚ a thousand times more careful,
Even as the mother by her sick child watching.

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